Cultural Critic. African American Studies Scholar. Author. Educator.
Fundraising goal: 
Building the first of many (hopefully) wells in remote areas Ghana: 
Midia Kitoa... According to some elders of the land, there about 8000 inhabitants and the borehole is likely to serve about 2000 people including a school nearby.
Partnering with Quaye Nungua Foundation in Accra. 

Quaye Nungua


Recent history:

Gifting Tour -  My family traveled to Ghana  to give away books and build friendships/partnerships.  In total we gave away over 600 books to various places: orphanage, library, schools, churches, and books from the Dr. Bartley McSwine collection were given to Central University.  It was a glorious time!

We, also left books to be distributed to remote areas we could not reach in our short trip in the country.  The books are still moving and reaching children across Ghana.  Check this out:

Greetings Kim,

I hope you are well. I am attaching a photo from a partial distribution of the books you left behind. The photo is from Odoi Atsem Preparatory Memorial School. It is a very poor school in an economically deprived area of Accra. The school and the students will benefit greatly from your books. They asked that I convey their sincere appreciation.

The school has 140 students from kindergarten through grade 5.

As promised, you can expect a few more photos as we distribute the 
remaining books to two additional schools - probably during the month of 

Be well,

p.s. I gave two of your books to a little 5 year old girl whose father 
that I know. I knew she liked to be read to, but I also knew she had no
books of her own. I heard later from the father that she is so attached 
to the new books that she insists they have to be with her in her bed 
when she goes to sleep each night. Authors can make an impact...!


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