Cultural Critic. African American Studies Scholar. Author. Educator.

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PJ's Shy-Town is a short, rhyming, character building book that celebrates Chicago communities through the eyes of a young child - PJ. It highlights the rarely mentioned positive aspects of existence in Chicago's predominantly African American neighborhoods. Family and fun are central to the story.

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(Another Fuzzy-Feeling Book) 
Where I've Been

Contemporary urban America comes alive in this eclectic compilation of short and flash fiction with an inner-city aesthetic filtered through the brevity of hip-hop culture. A wide variety of strong voices and unforgettable characters are united by the humorous and unusual predicaments in which they find themselves. Many of the stories tackle contemporary psychological and sociological issues. Stories like "Simple," "The Faucet," and "Getting to Know Him" demonstrate a wonderful ear for the lilt of the spoken language while portraying everyday drama. Other engaging tales like "Chicken" and "Cleaving to the Man" prove how thought-provoking entertainment can be. These quick slices of life and easily consumable vignettes aim for a sophistication not common in most urban fiction.


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