Cultural Critic. African American Studies Scholar. Author. Educator.
“The publishing game is a difficult game to play.  If I were in it for financial gain, I'd be gone.  If I were in it for awards, accolades, and acknowledgment, I'd be gone.  If I were in it to flex my intellectual prowess, I'd surely be gone.  I write out of love for people...with hope that while entertaining, I can help someone, if only one someone, see something - feel something - come to know something...        In the end, for me it's all about love...”      Kim L. Dulaney
Kim L. Dulaney
Kim L. Dulaney lives in Chicago, IL with her husband and two children.  She worked in the environmental engineering field for thirteen years.  Simultaneously, she worked as a Fine Arts Broker with a star-studded clientele, which includes the likes of NBA All-stars, Antione Walker, Michael Finley, Greg Buckner and Nick Anderson as well as R. Kelly (Recording Artist), Ironhead Hayward (NFL), and numerous others.  She currently works as a writer and an African American Studies instructor.
Education:  BA in African American Studies
                     MFA in Creative Writing
                     Ed.D. in Educational Leadership
Her dual greatest aspirations are -  to help Black folks fully realize and embrace their American citizenship, and to someday help to bring clean and safe water to poverty-stricken, forgotten folks in Africa and India.

Her body of written work includes children's books, poetry, novels, creative non-fiction, non-fiction, and articles.  Book titles: Star Struck: An American Epidemic; children’s books, I Love Me!, I Can Fly! (The R. Kelly Story), Who Am I?, Maya's Magic, My Lost Dream, Kool...Kool...Kendel and My Best; collection of essays and poems, Woman To Woman includes the poem "I Found Me";  The Beautiful Ones was her first novel; and Where I've Been: A Collection of Short Stories. 
Latest release: PJ's Shy-Town (a Fuzzy-Feeling Book)  
Upcoming Release: They Don't Like Me: Beliefs, Black Boys' Education, and the Life of Reverend Dr. Jeremiah A. Wright, Jr.  
Work-in-progress: Island 44: Where the Mad Woman Lives

Her books have received substantial attention and praise:
Television Credits:
WGN’s Morning Show
ABC News
CBS News
WGN News
Entertainment Weekly
NBC’s Common Ground
Celebrity Justice
MTV News
Print Credits include:
Newsweek Magazine
Rolling Stone Magazine
VIBE Magazine
Sister 2 Sister Magazine
Chicago Defender
Chicago Sun-Times
Chicago Tribune
Essence Magazine
New York Times
 New York Post
   USA Today
                                                        Billboard Magazine
                                                 Numerous local newspapers
Various Radio Programs across the USA


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